I brought an MD recorder and a stereo mic down to Central America with me and got a good amount of field recordings/soundscapes/what have you ... now, on the rainy forefront of Spring in VT, I'm two weeks back alongside ...Read More


A giant cup of coffee that I can just refill and refill and refill as is my God-given American right, that's what I've got right now ... and I don't have to pay extra for milk. My very own black ...Read More

Ok. It´s early, maybe 7:30am, and finally on the Pacific side of the whole deal. Woke up yesterday in the Caribbean -- Bastimento, Panama, to be exact -- and after a full day of travelling consisting of 3 buses, 2 ...Read More

Yeah, whatta vacation. Fucking hell. Migracion took forever in San Jose airport, they fully dissected my backpack, going so far as to unstitch some of the stitching, think they may've had a laugh at my vat of pomade, and then ...Read More

[3am, post bombing] - So this is how it trickles down to us ... bylines and sidebars, night-lenses and countdowns ... I could be a mousepad target, for all I know ... we whittle ourselves down to kindling, to co-op ...Read More

So the deadline has passed, and the 24hr news stations are freaking out, they've got their cameras fixed on mosque domes and presidential palaces hoping for a grand ol kinetic shot of Strangelove droppings ... you could go to your ...Read More