dream: A guy who posts on the Kochalka website forum "Steveistops" turns out to be a writing editor for PLAYBOY.  Somehow he hooks Kochalka up with this really hot playmate.  They are going at it in my living room.  She has ...Read More


it has been six hours since we spoke... anything amazing happen to you in six hours? jason_cooley@hotmail.com says: yeah jason_cooley@hotmail.com says: on my way to work ashcarr30@ says: yeah, what jason_cooley@hotmail.com says: this old guy walking in my direction jason_cooley@hotmail.com says: passed out and fell on his face ashcarr30@says: are you telling ...Read More

I'm IM chatting with my former roommate.  She's leaving for China soon.  She's talking about fancy apartments and playing squash and stuff...it's making me a little sad.  I guess I don't want her to go.  Not much I can do ...Read More